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Tryout Info

        Are you looking for the right club for your daughter?
                              Triple Ace Volleyball is the right place to play!

>Excellent player instruction with emphasis on the individual as well as the team!
>An excellent strength & conditioning program with an emphasis on jump training
>A complete and comprehensive competition schedule!
>Up front club fees with no hidden cost!
>Flexibility for athletes that are involved in school athletics!
>A fun and safe environment with great kids and great families! 

2017/18 Season Girls Tryout Information
Please make sure to read all the information below

Click HERE to Register For Tryouts

Tryout Location
Sister Michelle Germanson Athletic Facility
Trinity High School
7574 W. Division Street
River Forest, IL 60305
for directions
*12U - Sunday Oct 1st,         4:00-5:30pm
 13U - Sunday Oct 1st,          4:00-6:00pm
 14U - Sunday Oct 1st,          6:30-8:30pm
  15U - Sunday Oct 22nd,        1:00-3:00pm
  16U - Sunday Oct 22nd,        3:30-5:30pm
 17U & 18U - Tuesday 10/31         7:30-9:00pm

*Athletes younger than 12U are invited to tryout for our 12U teams
15U & 16U athletes that are still in your high school season let us know and 
plan on attending the 17U/18U tryout on 10/29
This is only for 15U & 16U girls still in season
All others must attend the make-up tryout listed below
15U-16U Wednesday Oct 25th, 6:00-7:00pm
Make-up tryouts for girls that are not still in season are to fill any open spots that may be available after the original tryout. It is recommended that you attend the first tryout.

If you need to attend the make-up tryout please complete the 
Triple Ace Volleyball Registration Form
and in the Comments section please request a make-up tryout.
Please note- all spots may be offered to athletes attending the first tryout so there may not be spots open for girls requesting a make-up tryout.

Any athletes still participating with their high school teams cannot participate in tryouts until their season is complete. Please complete the Triple Ace Registration and we will schedule a make up tryout. 


 2017-2018 Season USA Volleyball Age Definition

18U Division - born on or after Sept. 1st, 1999
17U Division - born on or after Sept. 1st, 2000
16U Division - born on or after Sept. 1st, 2001
15U Division - born on or after Sept. 1st, 2002
14U Division - born on or after Sept. 1st, 2003
13U Division - born on or after Sept. 1st, 2004
12U Division - born on or after Sept. 1st, 2005
11U Division - born on or after Sept. 1st, 2006
10U Division - born on or after Sept. 1st, 2007

Follow These 4 Easy Steps to Register For Tryouts

1) Complete the Triple Ace Volleyball Registration Form
(complete & click submit)           
2)  Online USAV Registration via Webpoint starts Sept 1st             
(If tryouts are held before Nov 1st and you have a 2016/2017 USAV membership you can skip this step, just bring your USAV membership card with you to tryouts. Returning Triple Ace members don't need to bring in your card 

All non 2016/2017 USAV members who tryout must register with USAV on Webpoint prior to tryout date. There is a $10.00 limited tryout membership available. After you receive your password make a copy of your registration to bring to tryouts for proof of registration with USAV. Tryouts held on or after Nov 1st requires all athletes trying out to register for the 2017-2018 season.
There is a $10 tryout membership available.

3) Print out and complete the Triple Ace Volleyball Liability Waiver

4)  Show up to tryouts 30 minutes prior to your start time with step 2&3 in hand along with the $20 tryout fee

There is a $20.00 Tryout Fee to be paid on date of tryout. Cash or personal check made out to Triple Ace Volleyball

If you are unable to attend the scheduled tryout please complete the 
Triple Ace Volleyball Registration Form prior to the scheduled tryout date and in the comments section of the form let us know you cannot attend and we will contact you to schedule a makeup tryout.

General Information
Please arrive to the gym 30 minutes prior to tryout time to ensure registration is complete. Any high school athletes who are still in season may contact us in advance to arrange for a later tryout date. 

In order to attend a tryout for ANY Club that takes place PRIOR to Nov 1st Junior athletes MUST be registered with the Great Lakes Region for the current season (a limited tryout membership or a full membership is available) OR show proof of registration from the past season. Individuals are ENCOURAGED to print out their membership card or confirmation page (from last season or the upcoming season)  to take with them to ANY tryout they wish to go to in order to show proof of membership. Athletes attending TRYOUTS taking place AFTER November 1st MUST show proof of registration for the current season. NO EXCEPTIONS!